overcoming average(?)

because it’s something the world just needs less of

love my career.

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hate my job.

i’m working a crappy retail job because the band is on a semi-break right now, and it’s not like we can still get paid when we don’t play. i move boxes around at see’s candy in the riverside mall. i get paid too much for what i’m doing, but that doesn’t negate the suck factor. it’s just not good for my head space to know that what it really boils down to is that from month to month i’m trusting christians to pay my bills and that’s why i have to work a crappy retail job. also, it’s weird for me and amanda to be on this kind of a schedule with each other. like our usual “normal” pattern is me being in a band. oh well. i’m almost done working there and i’m just being whiny as i come to the end of it. i think i just needed to write stuff down to get some perspective on this. and after writing that last sentence down, i’m reminded of a line from “spinal tap”

songs for tonight: “star of wonder,” “sister winter,” and “only at christmas time” by sufjan stevens. being in the mall i hear a lot of horrible christmas music (kenny g and bing crosby) and then i listen to this in the car ride home and it makes christmas be ok again


Written by matt

December 17, 2006 at 1:43 am

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  1. Dude. don’t know if you’ll get this, but can you fill in on bass this week? let me know.

    maTT Richey

    December 18, 2006 at 7:56 pm

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