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babe: pig in the city (pt. 1)

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well, i’m sitting here in a coffee shop in the mission district of san francisco. turns out i was gonna be mostly hanging out by myself at hume this weekend if i didn’t try to get off the mountain with someone. daley happened to be trying to get to san francisco, and coincidentally enough a friend of his who works at ywam in the city just happened to be visiting hume this weekend and was going home monday. so we stayed with him and his roommate last night and went wondering around the city today. we’ve finally landed at a coffee shop that has free wireless, which turned out to be more difficult than we thought.
the past few times i’ve been to san francisco i haven’t really enjoyed myself too much. i think i’ve figured out why i’m having such a good time this time though. i haven’t had to drive at all. if you look at a street map of san fransico and compare it to a freeway map of southern california, you might have a good idea of why i had such a hard time. anyway, here’s some pictures of the trip thus far:

this is the building we stayed in last night. in case you were wondering, yes, that is a line of homeless people right outside it. they were in line to get lunch when i took this picture. when we first got there last night, i witnessed my first crack deal.
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this is a picture of the ywam (youth with a mission) guys that let us stay with them. brett is the guy with the beard and that’s his roommate adam. as you can tell, they are orphans. give generously.
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these next two are pictures of the room we stayed in. it was a studio apartment and, although i didn’t think it was possible, they had a kitchen smaller than ours. the other one is a picture of some wall art that our hippie friend brett did. i just really liked it is all.
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this one is a picture of a little alley across the street from where we stayed. it just looked so rad and out of place from the rest of the area.
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this last one is the coffee shop i’m in right now. i’m in the back and just pointed my isight towards the door. this place is more crowded than the picture would make it seem. it’s called ritual roasters and is filled with some of the most interesting looking people i’ve seen in a while.
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for more insight into this little trip, check out daley’s blog here

song for the moment: “here comes the sun” by the beatles, because once again, song sharing on itunes is brilliant. special thanks to “emission de radio” for letting me listen


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January 16, 2007 at 5:26 pm

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