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babe: pig in the city (pt. 2)

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i’m currently sitting in one of the coolest coffee shops i’ve had the pleasure of seeing. i don’t even have to put headphones in with my own music because theirs is so good. a little earlier it was stuff like the “o brother, where art thou?” soundtrack, and right now it’s bob dylan. the cool part of that is that it’s through a crappy stereo that makes it sound like old vinyl records. and that totally fits the vibe of the place. there’s live music every day here apparently and an upright bass just chilling in the corner. (which a couple guys are getting set up to play as i write this)
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this place is called revolution coffee and it’s in the mission district of san fran. (corner of 23rd and bartlett i think.) it’s the only coffee shop i’ve seen that is completely open. instead of a window for the store front, it’s just a window frame with tables and chairs from the front door almost to the curb. this is the kind of place that just has the classy thing nailed. free wireless, serves wine and great coffee, candle light at every table, and classic good music. here’s a shot of the interior the place. to the left is where the big open part of the place starts.
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this is part of the mural on the side of the building that liked. kinda has a completely different vibe than the actual coffee shop, but still looks cool.
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but enough about this place, next up is where me and daley have had dinner the past two nights. we love the mexican food, and this place is legit. la corneta has stolen our hearts. and daley is a fat kid:
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we leave tomorrow morning quite early and it’s been a good time. huge thanks to brett, ryan and holly sharp, daniel dixon, and of course gino cunningham for putting us up, hanging out, and making our brief stay awesome. this has been a really good trip.

song for the moment: “much farther to go” by rosie thomas. awesome singer brett introduced us to

p.s. the band that was setting up has now started to play. score. and once again, for more pictures (and better quality ones) check out daley’s blog
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Written by matt

January 17, 2007 at 8:40 pm

Posted in on the road

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  1. revolution looks amazing. wow wine and coffee?? we need one of those down here, but i’m sure what makes and adds to its atmosphere is that it’s in san francisco…


    January 18, 2007 at 3:25 pm

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