overcoming average(?)

because it’s something the world just needs less of

i feel a rant coming…

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…but before i do, i would first like to say how amazing it was to watch the police play live last night at the grammy awards. never really thought it would happen in my lifetime and it was quite a sight. yes, they’re getting older and don’t look quite as cool as they did, but it was still amazing to see. for those who don’t know what i’m talking about, check this out:

second amazing performance of the night for me was gnarls barkley. i’ve heard the song “crazy” a lot, but that paticular rendition was quite the show stopper. unfortunately, i can’t find it on youtube or google video, but if i do ever i’m gonna post it here. but it was amazing, that’s all you need to know. on to the rant!

the dixie chicks. love em, hate em, whatever, doesn’t matter. they won a lot of awards last night including a couple of the biggest ones. the bottom line is, i really don’t think they deserved to win as much they did. in my personal opinion, gnarls barkley, justin timberlake, and john mayer all had better albums than the chicks did, but they still won. i was trying to figure it out all night and i couldn’t understand why they kept winning. then they started talking, and it hit me. i narrowed it down to two reasons why they won as much as they did: 1. rick rubin 2. politics. the first reason is self-explanatory if you click on that link. the second i feel like i should expand on. a few years back, the dixie chicks got into some hot water because of their outspoken political views; namely their criticism of the president. at one point in their acceptance speech last night, natatlie maines (who also needs to learn how to think before opening her mouth) said that “people really voted their freedom of speech tonight.” that’s when i realized that the people who voted on the grammys for them to win weren’t voting for their music; they were voting for the dixie chicks’ politics. in essence, the music industry voiced their mostly unified opinion of president bush. i’m just having a hard time grasping that. i’m all for the freedom of expression and all about encouraging that too. music is art and art is the tangible expression of the human experience. but to award a piece of art the highest honor possible for something as shallow as a political viewpoint just seems stupid to me. could they really find nothing else to reward?

song for the moment: the entire st. elsewhere album by gnarls barkley


Written by matt

February 12, 2007 at 10:15 pm

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