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cultures clash

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christianity is actually different for different races. i know this may not be a surprise for some people, but it’s interesting to experience. i’ve been fortunate enough in my line of work to be able to see this firsthand and i marvel at the difference of the ideas of who God is. not in any “white is right” kind of way. i’m actually semi-inspired by this.
i think the most general conclusion i’ve come to is that the different cultures in the u.s. have different histories and different goals because of those histories. generally speaking, hispanics have come to america for a chance at better life; where there’s a chance to climb some kind of economic ladder. the hispanics in the churches that i’ve been to usually have no problem with the idea of God blessing their hard work and also have no problem remembering to thank God whenever he does bless them. generally, african americans (rightly so) tend to feel a bit of bitterness at how their culture’s history has unfolded. from what i’ve seen, african americans want their God to love them and have no problem with having peace in the comfort of knowing God loves them. white folk like myself generally only come to God because they feel like they have to. either that or they already feel like they know God and that God likes them. historically speaking, white people have had a fairly wealthy past. we either use God as the reason or excuse for the horrible things we’ve done in the past (i.e. spanish inquisition, slave trade, slaughtering and displacement of native americans, etc.).
basically, i think i’ve come to the conclusion in my cynical thinking that i’m way more likely to think someone’s full of crap when they talk about who they think God is if they’re white. it can be during their prayer, or hearing them speak to a group, or just watching their behavior change between when they talk to me and when they talk to a member of their congregation. and i just totally gave away that i’m referring mostly to pastors in predominantly white places. oh well. opinion given.

song for the moment: “there there” by radiohead. if only they knew they were coming to God hearing this


Written by matt

March 4, 2007 at 12:31 am

Posted in God, random much?

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