overcoming average(?)

because it’s something the world just needs less of

best sushi in town

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last night i went out to eat for my birthday. my birthday’s not til monday, but i leave on tour this friday and last night was the only free night for me and amanda this week. about a month ago, we found this sushi place in downtown redlands called mikan. it’s the japanese word for “orange.” we immediately fell in love with this place. the atmosphere was super cool, all the staff was way friendly, and the sushi is the best i think i’ve ever had. all the fish is super fresh and never frozen, and they use real crab instead of imitation in the crab salad. the quality of the food is reflected a bit in the price, but it’s well worth it. especially ~4oz. of kobe beef for $30. trust me on that one. anyway, last night was the first time that the sushi tasted a little off. fish can be tricky like that though and it was still quite good. but since there was hardly anyone in the restaurant, the sushi chef came to our table and sat down with us to make sure that everything was ok. his name is patrick and was way cool and told us to make sure that we requested that he make all our rolls for us next time we came in. after that, patrick proceeded to tell us that complaints about their sushi wasn’t a new thing for them. me and amanda were really surprised by that and asked him what people could possibly complain about. he told us that people complain about the quality of the fish; not that it’s too bad, but that it’s too good. he said that all people want is the all-you-can-eat special with low grade fish and tons of sauces on it. kinda schocked me a little bit and i haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.

what’s wrong with us? what makes us as a people or culture or whatever want more instead of better?


song for the moment: “windowsill” by arcade fire. still can’t stop listening to this band. i may be developing a problem


Written by matt

April 18, 2007 at 9:52 pm

Posted in God

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