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i am a bass player. being that comes with a certain level of nerdness that i’ve grown accustomed to. it’s the reason there are substantially fewer bassist “rock stars” than guitarist “rock stars.” there’s nothing that’s too “in your face” about the bass part in rock songs generally speaking, so bass players typically get overshadowed by the rest of their band members. basically i’ve discovered over time that it takes a certain personality to love the atmosphere and vibe that accompanies being in a band without needing too much attention from fans or almost anyone really. and since starting the artist’s way a few weeks ago, i’ve begun to really get a sense of my identity as an artist and more specifically as a bassist. it’s been really interesting so far, but nothing has really pared down and focused my sense of identity as a bassist than what i did this past saturday.

as i said before, i am a nerd. as such i happen to frequest a message board online for bass players called talkbass. go ahead, click on that link and look around. it’s exactly what you’d expect to see. that’s beside the point. every once in a while on that board, there will be little get togethers scheduled for people in a certain area. this last saturday was a get together for the southern california crowd. so, me being a huge nerd, i went. i actually had a good time. it was kind of weird with so many bass players in the same room. it was really weird seeing what kind of gear they were using. and it was really weird to hear what they would talk about concerning said gear. i wasn’t exactly all alone in my tastes and age though. there some younger guys like myself there who didn’t have the best gear and couldn’t play as fast as 64 notes per measure. i did meet a super cool guy and a few others that i wouldn’t mind hanging out with again. here’s some pictures of the day’s events that one guy put up. as you might be able to see, there was some crazy stuff there. i even saw two eight-stringed basses.

the more i saw and the more i heard that day, the more i began to truly understand my place in this musical world. i knew after seeing some of these guys play that i could never do what they can do. i could never play even a five-stringed bass and really feel like i knew what i was doing. i could never look at a piece of sheet music and be able to truly improvise around the written notes to make something that other musical demi-geniuses would be impressed with. and more importantly, i could never in my right mind fork out five grand to buy anything like these:


so as much as i could never do what those guys do or be as technically proficient as they are, i know for a fact that those guys could never do what i do. not in terms of notes played, but in terms of playing in front of an audience and not just standing there. i like what i do. and while i’m not content (or maybe even confident) in my abilities as a bass player, i’m very content in who i am as a bass player

tunes: “something” by the beatles from the love album


Written by matt

June 4, 2007 at 2:34 pm

Posted in rock and/or roll

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  1. Rock on. I had no idea there was an 8-string bass. Is that even practical? And I never really thought about the fact that chicks really do dig lead guitars and drummers, but never the bass or keyboard. But that is the truth more often than not, isn’t it?


    June 5, 2007 at 7:24 am

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