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washington trip

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this has been an exciting little trip for us. we have one last show tonight on the beach at half moon bay and it’s a repeat one for us. so barring any huge mishap tonight or tomorrow, this will probably go down as one of our most successful tours ever. everyone we met in washington, without exception, was super cool. we didn’t meet one person we felt super awkward around, which is more than i can say for half of our usual shows. and i definitely enjoyed the scenery driving that northern section of interstate 5 much better than that stretch between santa clarita and sacramento.

a quick rundown of notable events:
-met the coolest youth pastor in the world
-heard a TON of homeschooler jokes
-played a cool festival
-forgot my bass at said festival
-played two churches 131 miles away from each other in the same day
-stayed at the ritz carlton of rv parks
-got the rv trailer hitch stuck in a ditch…
-…only to be rescued by truckers within about 5 minutes
-met a cool country band in the rv park we’re staying in now

fun trip all together i’d say. here’s what the trip looks like on a map by the end of it. we drove a long time.

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Written by matt

August 22, 2007 at 11:43 am

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