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sept. 11

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today is the sixth year anniversary of probably the worst tragedy in american history. i don’t often write about this kind of thing, and even now i’m not too sure why i’m writing this. i remember the morning it happened. i had just started my first semester at community college and i lived close enough to the school to walk. i had a morning class and didn’t hear anything about what had happened until i got to school. even at school, i think it was too early for there to be much in the way of details, and i didn’t fully know what had happened until i got home later that day. it was downright eerie seeing that footage of a plane fly into a building and disappear only to be replaced by fire and smoke. not to mention seeing people fleeing in fear as two 110-story buildings collapse around them. as strange as that was, it still felt so far away. it’s like when a disaster happens in some third world country and you feel so safe at home. the only difference for me was that the building that collapsed was huge and the people running from it were as white as me. it was on the other side of the country, and i still felt so safe. i think the weirdest part of that whole day was looking up at the sky while driving near ontario airport and seeing nothing. there were no planes or helicopters in that eerily cloudless sky.

i went to new york in the spring of 2004 and saw ground zero. by then it had been mostly cleaned up. there were still some remnants of the two towers in the form of some concrete and i-beams, but other than that, it was just strange to see a large area of downtown new york with no building of any kind on it. even then, i knew i hadn’t been affected by the terrorist attack on any level compared to the people i was surrounded by. they had lost friends and family to a fanatic’s rage.

it’s six years later and it’s curiously amazing to see how the world has changed. my feelings and thoughts haven’t really changed about this particular event though. is that wrong? should i feel more grief about this whole thing? i mean, almost 3000 people died that morning and literally hundreds of thousands more have died as a result of the war on terrorism since then. maybe i’m just feeling guilty for having an empathy deficiency problem.

i don’t really have any kind of a conclusion to this. except maybe to love your neighbor


Written by matt

September 11, 2007 at 11:48 pm

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