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ecuador (pt. 1)

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me and moises arrived in the city of quito in ecuador last night. this is a very big city. and it’s so much cooler than the parts of mexico that i’ve been to. it makes the capital of honduras look like child’s play. the elevation here is about 9300 feet and quito is in the valley of it. so our little field trip today was going to this amusement park here where you can take a sky tram up to not even the top of one of the mountains that surrounds the city. so today i stood somewhere above the 13,000 foot mark and looked down at a city of almost 2 million. it was quite the sight. i’d like to share:

here’s a fraction of the city from where i was standing. quito is like 9 miles wide and about 27 miles long. that big green spot right between the two hills towards the bottom is a park. about 600 acres bigger than central park in new york.

this is one is just to the right of the last shot. those antannae are just a few of the many that are on top of these mountains. i guess the story is that because of the elevation, you could broadcast short wave radio and reach 85% of the world. also, you can see the little sky tram thing i rode in.

for this picture, i turned completely around from where i was looking in those last two. you can see the path that keeps going up that we didn’t take because of the lack of oxygen and a welcome sign made from rocks or something. and you can sort of see the taller part of the mountain too.

the rest of the day involved a high school soccer game, me randomly falling asleep in a busy room (really strange for me), and dinner at, of all places, an indian food restaurant. good first day


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October 1, 2007 at 8:38 pm

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