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ecuador (pt. 3)

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so apparently yesterday was the last day i was able to take a decent picture. which is a good thing i guess because i didn’t write anything last night and if i had, i wouldn’t have anything to put up here tonight. the pictures tonight are from yesterday and two days ago, respectively. anyway, the reason me and moises are even here this week is because an international school called alliance academy international is having their spiritual emphasis week and moises is playing it. i noticed i was only taking pictures of the sightseeing aspects of our trip, so i took a picture of what our mornings have looked like.

one of the things i love about trips to other countries like this is learning about the culture. for example, ecuador just elected a huge group of delegates to rewrite their constitution and it fascinates me to see what could happen as a result of that. another example of learning the culture anywhere is the food. food in a different country is always an experience. typically, the locals will try to sort of ease you into new things. sometimes though, as in this case, it’s like they don’t even try to make their food look remotely appealing. this is a typical fast food-ish dish that’s served kind of a lot of places. i give you: salchipapas.

on a completely different train of thought, i miss my wife. she feels nice to hold. and she has better spanish than me


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October 4, 2007 at 7:51 pm

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