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ecuador (pt. 4)

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quito is the capital city of ecuador and, as such, has a lot of history. today was the first day we got to go exploring. we went to the centro historico and took a look at the plazas and a couple cathedrals and just walked around with the people. it’s really cool how this place is more centralized. life just tends to happen in a couple of places and this was one of them. so first up is the road leading to the plaza grande. like i said, this is where life happens in quito.

next up are two pictures of the plaza, one at street level and one from the roof of the cultural center.

now, you may have noticed in that first picture a far away hill with a statue on the top. that statue is of the virgin mary and is called “el panecillo.” most of my pictures tended to revolve around that statue towards the south and the main cathedral to the north. this next picture is one of that statue from the same rooftop.

this is one of the smaller cathedrals next to the plaza with the statue in the background.

and in front of the steps of that church were some passionate people.

now for the cathedral. make no mistake, we’re going back there before we leave again. this was an amazing piece of architecture.

and unlike some amazing buildings, we got to travel up in those huge towers.

on the way up to the tower and inside the tower there were things written on the walls. i don’t speak spanish, but i could almost read some. moises pointed out one that was asking for forgiveness. it says “forgive me flaquito! give me one more chance to show you that i love you. ely.”

and up in that tower is one of the most amazing views i have yet to behold.

i really missed my wife today


Written by matt

October 6, 2007 at 9:32 pm

Posted in God, on the road

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  1. I really enjoy the pictures Matt…

    …but my favorite part of this blog was the last line…you are still a lil romantic sap. 🙂


    October 7, 2007 at 8:41 pm

  2. […] ecuador (pt. 4) …quito is the capital city of ecuador and, as such, has a lot of history. today was the first day we got to go exploring. […]

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