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ecuador (pt. 5)

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there has not been enough time in the past few days to really even try to update this, which is very unfortunate for me. i like putting things in here to let people know what’s been happening. so because of the busy-ness of the the past few days, i haven’t even really been able to take pictures much either. so i’m gonna write about some pictures i’ve already taken that i’m only going to post now.

this first one is an example of why i love graffiti in other countries. at home, all i see is someone’s stupid name scrawled across a street sign. there are some exceptions to this that i would truly call art though. the following example is neither one of those really. translated, it says “for 40 years, che [guevara] lives in the fight of the townspeople.”

this place i took a picture of in the rain from the inside of a taxi. they serve traditional ecuadorian food that’s kind of a cross between the pre-hispanic inca food and the colonial hispanic influence. they’ve been in business for 50 years i think which makes it the oldest place like this in quito.

this is a plate of the food i was served at “fritadas del inca.” bonus points to anyone who can tell me what even 4 of the 7 items are. yes, there’s 7 there.

get radiohead’s new album. even if it sucks, you don’t have to pay for it and you’ll be a better person for exposing yourself to (at least as far as i can tell) honest creativity.


Written by matt

October 13, 2007 at 2:02 pm

Posted in on the road

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