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a note to westboro baptist church

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no one from that church will actually end up reading this, but i kind of hope they do.

as per this article on cnn, westboro baptist church is a church from topeka, kansas who had some members of their church get on a plane and fly all the way to maryland to attend a funeral for a soldier killed in iraq.

how thoughtful.

they went there to hold a protest actually.

how noble.

they apparently had something that God wanted them to say.

how righteous.

but apparently what God is interested in, according to westboro baptist church, is allowing the deaths of thousands of american soldiers because of our tolerance of homosexuality. not only that, but apparently God hates fags. and not only that, but God is to be thanked for dead soldiers and improvised explosive devices.

how shameful.

fortunately, legal action was taken against this particular group and the church is now ordered to pay $10.9 million. that wasn’t enough. there should have been a couple more zeros on that. it would make sense if that stopped this church from ever doing this again. unfortunately, you can’t fight crazy with logic. according to fred phelps who founded this church, this whole case is going to be appealed and it would “take about five minutes to reverse that thing.” this guy really is a bit off the deep end, and i really doubt how he can call himself a leader of God’s people. this particular quote is what cemented that opinion in my mind: “this will elevate me to something important. this was an act of futility.” let that sink in for a second.

mr. phelps, you are not God and you should not be elevated. this isn’t about you.

westboro baptist church, you should be ashamed of yourself. this was not loving your neighbor as yourself. and there’s no better way to hinder the truth of God than to publicly demonstrate hatred in God’s name.

if there are any homosexuals who happen to stumble across this for whatever reason, please forgive them. please forgive me. please forgive anyone who tells you that God feels negatively toward you as a person. God loves you. and even beyond that, he actually likes you. and all God desperately wants is for you to love him in return. that’s part of the image we were created in


Written by matt

November 1, 2007 at 1:04 am

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