overcoming average(?)

because it’s something the world just needs less of

“yeah, i’ll have a diet coke and a water”

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i was in new york city yesterday and i did take pictures which i will post later. i noticed something about yesterday though that for some reason stuck in my mind.

we went to dinner at a restaurant in times square that bordered on the absurdly expensive. it was quite good though. when the waiter came around i noticed something about myself. i am friendly with waiters. more than any other social environment, i have no problem striking up a mini-conversation with waiters at any restaurant i end up at. it’s so much easier for me to do that than to do the same thing at a party or in church or even a small group when i’m new to it. i started to think about that during dinner and then again later when i got back to my hotel room. why is that so easy for me where otherwise it’s typically just not? i think i came up with a reason. i’ve gone to so many restaurants in the past six years that i think any restaurant just kind of feels like a third home. the first being actual home and the second being the rv. no matter where you are in the world the dialogue is almost always the same:

“hi my name’s _____ and i’ll be your server tonight. while you look at the menus can i get you guys started with something to drink?”
“….waters. ok, i’ll get those right out.”
“have you guys decided or do you need another minute?”
“you guys doing ok over here?”
“can i get those out your way for you?”
“do you want to take a look at the desert menu tonight?”
“here’s the check, but there’s no rush. take as long as you want.”
“you guys take care and have a good night.”

it’s like i already know what’s going to happen so i can improvise and guide the vibe wherever i want it to go. sort of like performing a song for the umpteenth time. and just like a show, it’s all over about 45 minutes later. i think being somewhat of a gypsy makes you look for familiarity wherever you can find it. whether it’s a starbucks or a dialogue, the road would be much more lonesome if there weren’t little spurts of homogeny throughout the regional subcultures in america. so here’s to single-serving friends. i look forward to the re-meeting of a stranger


Written by matt

February 11, 2008 at 9:05 am

Posted in on the road

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  1. i have this fantastic photo of you and daley from this day, sitting in the starbucks in penn station….you look like mirror images of each other, both with your face in your hand. its perfect. i would send it to you if i could find your email address on this page….
    glad to meet you then, and glad you got to see more of the city.


    February 25, 2008 at 5:53 pm

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