overcoming average(?)

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day 9

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…of recording. it’s going quite well. i’ve finished all but one song that’s planned so far. the hardest stuff is writing a part for a song you’ve never played before and having the first idea you get be the one you commit to tape. that makes it a much slower process than recording a song i’ve played a hundred times already. this is easily the most laid back recording process i’ve ever been a part of. coincidentally, it’s also the most productive. we’ll have about seven songs done in two weeks, which is much faster than anything i’ve ever done before. and the best part is that it sounds like a real record to me.

it was freezing on sunday when i got to go into the city. like 12 degrees plus a solid 15mph wind and light to medium snowfall. it was so cold and miserable that i literally got a headache that wouldn’t go away in the process of walking 7 blocks. this will give you an idea of the scene:


the weather here has only gotten worse. it was still freezing last night and this morning. and then it started to snow much more. here’s the door to the studio as of about 8pm tonight.

we also got a visit tonight from the man himself, ric wake. that was a good little time right there. i really didn’t expect to ever meet him, let alone so soon. he’s a pretty chill guy and it was good to meet him and hear what he thought of the stuff so far. he might even come to spirit west coast this year.

on a completely different note, i’m very excited that mr. obama has one every primary contest since super tuesday and is now leading mrs. clinton by about 25 delegates. i really think he’ll be a better leader than her or john mccain. i’d love it if ron paul suddenly won, but that just won’t happen.

that’s all for now. and maybe a while depending on what goes down this next week. but for sure there will be some good stuff when me and amanda get to the city for a while by ourselves. she got here early this morning and i’m so much more at ease now that she’s around, even if we still don’t get to hang out all the time.

Written by matt

February 12, 2008 at 9:38 pm

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