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i read cnn.com several times a day. partially cause i like staying informed on things, and partially because i’m secretly a 57 year old man. check out this article though. basically what it’s saying is that because it happens to be the summer before a major election, congress is doing nothing. energy prices are the highest they’ve been in at least twenty years, people are losing their homes and turning suburbia into ghost towns, but congress is going to play it safe and only vote on stuff that looks good in a re-election ad. and while getting rid of lead in toys and ending malaria in the third world is good and important, those aren’t exactly the issues facing most Americans. but the mortgage and energy crises? that can totally wait until 2009. the sad thing is that I know this isn’t anything new. it’s been happening every four years for at least the past century.

i think I’m right between “idealistic young voter” and “disenfranchised american.” I’m looking forward to being the “old white guy who votes for other old white guy.”


Written by matt

July 6, 2008 at 10:07 am

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