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i love my beard

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seriously. i really do. i was about 19 when i decided to stop shaving. luckily it has grown in a little thicker since then and has stopped looking like i just have a dirty face from stage. i’ve been keeping it a little shorter lately since i lost a little weight and cut my hair much shorter, but here’s a couple examples of me at my furriest:

and i love this one of me and amanda (and the beard):

sadly, i’m probably going to have to shave it all off very soon. as some of you might know, my band has not been terribly busy lately. with the holidays coming up it looks like i might have to go back to my old seasonal job. normally my beard isn’t a problem even though it’s against the rules because my manager was super cool about it. unfortunately, she doesn’t work there anymore and the new lady is apparently quite a stickler about things. so i thought i’d take a quick survey on here. i go back to that job in about a month and i’m pondering just not even trimming this mess until the last possible second, or periodically trimming it shorter and shorter until it’s gone as to maybe not get so bummed about it. what do you think?


Written by matt

October 19, 2008 at 3:44 pm

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  1. Since I’ve been without a beard for like a year now I have to live vicariously through yours…let that sweet hairy mass of joy grow like there’s no tomorrow (or in your case like there’s no upcoming beard-fascist job).


    October 19, 2008 at 8:02 pm

  2. Ok, nerdy analogy… so are you familiar with the Harry Potter series? Remember that whenever the kids see a “Dementor”, they say the whole world grows cold, that all happiness has left the earth, and that they will never feel cheerful again. That is what happens when I picture Mattq with no beard. And it seems so tragic that your magnificent beard must be sacrificed to appease the candy gods of retail heaven. As I see it:

    Mattq with no beard = High School Mattq + no Amanda + Sad single Matty

    Mattq with the beard = Old Mattq + Amanda + Happy married super Matty

    Oddly enough, I really want to be there when/if you shave it off. Being Asian, the world of facial hair is a science I shall never know. And as Tyler said he lives vicariously through yours, I would enjoy seeing it. BTW, See’s does allow neatly trimmed mustaches, so perhaps you could sport a Hitler brim or a FuManChu.


    October 28, 2008 at 6:44 am

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