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christmas time is here

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i’ve discovered that i still hate (almost all) christmas music. the good news is that i’m pretty sure i know why now. there is no winter wonderland, i really wouldn’t know how fun it is or isn’t to ride in a one horse open sleigh, no one i know is roasting chestnuts, santa claus is not coming to town, very few people ever have a white christmas, and baby, it’s not cold outside. and really, it’s not like too many christmas songs are actually that good from a music/songwriting standpoint. you can try to defend that all you want, but you know i’m right. and this dreck is what i have to hear in the mall every day. i do have a theory about whoever makes the playlists though. i like to think that that person feels the same way i do and tries to sneak in a few awesome songs just to spite their elderly boss. so in the spirit of christmas cheer and whatnot, here’s my list of awesome christmas music, the 3-minute glimmers of hope that get me through the day.

-the entire soundtrack for “a charlie brown christmas”
-the “songs for christmas” compilation by sufjan stevens
-various artists: “maybe this christmas”
-the smashing pumpkins: “christmastime”
-jimmy eat world: “last christmas”
-the carpenters: “merry christmas darling”
-john lennon: “happy xmas (war is over)”
-the beach boys: “little saint nick”
-dave matthews and tim reynolds: “christmas song”

there’s a few more that i can think of, but they’re mostly covers of those same songs i just listed. what are your favorite more overlooked christmas songs?

(p.s. my other christmas themed blog is right here)

Written by matt

December 11, 2008 at 12:59 am

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