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“so what inspires you to lead worship?”

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a lot of you know that recently i’ve been playing at sandals more often than usual lately. what you may not know is that every thursday night is rehearsal for the following sunday, and that there’s a kind of small group time that is the first thing on the agenda for the night. the big discussion topic for last night was the idea that all of us on stage are leading worship, not just the person who is singing the song at the time. the follow up question for us to answer was this: “what inspires you to lead worship? and also, what would be something that hinders you from it?” it was funny because as other people answered the question they would frequently mention that seeing people who are really into the music and reacting to it is a big deal for them, and flatteringly enough, more than one person mentioned how they love seeing me get into it on stage like that. i didn’t get a chance to say anything at that time because i always have trouble putting thoughts into words and it takes me a long time to do that. i really thought about that though.

what inspires me to lead worship is music. i don’t think a lot of people know this about me, but i don’t really hear music, i feel it. for whatever reason, God wired me up some way that music deeply affects me. i don’t mean lyrics or words either, i mean music. the right tone in the right chord with the right melody can cut right to my soul and bring me to tears faster than anything else on earth. being at a radiohead concert or listening to arcade fire is for me what hiking into the woods and seeing a perfectly blue sky is for a nature loving person. and when i’m playing music, it’s as if God has told that nature person “now BE the perfectly blue sky.” there’s a reason i move around like a big dumb goofball on stage. i honestly can’t help it. and very few people know this, but when you see me on stage you’re just seeing my body. i’m in another place. i guess to continue the analogy, i’m in that peaceful meadow after a day of hiking laying down and looking at the sky. which is why when i’m playing music, i don’t feel like anything could take me out of that and hinder me from that focus. i can play songs i don’t like with people i don’t care about for people i don’t know, but in that moment i’m communing with God.

so. what inspires you to worship?


Written by matt

March 13, 2009 at 10:41 pm

Posted in God, rock and/or roll

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