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day of the dad

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fathers day. or, as it’s been better known throughout my life, “national abandonment day.” here’s a little factoid for you: more phone calls are made on fathers day than any other day of the year. being that half of all marriages end in divorce, I’m pretty sure that the reason for all the phone calls is because half of the country doesn’t live with their father at home. another odd little thing about fathers day is that while a tie or coffee mug seems like an appropriate gift for dad, a spa weekend or week of maid service is a good mothers day gift. kinda makes it seem like even the dads that are at home aren’t really worth but so much. that’s actually pretty sad to me. dads, on behalf of kids who don’t know any different, thanks for sticking around.
by now, it shouldn’t really surprise anyone that the whole subject of fatherhood is kind of a touchy thing for me. in my journey so far I’ve had to come to terms with what I didn’t have growing up. honestly, it’s been pretty painful to go through. I think I’ve kind of come out on the other side of that though. the first stage to any growth is realizing what you’re lacking. but it’s not growth if it stops there. I know what I missed, and in the process discovered what should have been there. now, it’s time for me to move on.
all this time I’ve focused a lot on earthly things. in that, there’s not a lot of hope. but as I’ve said before on this blog, hope is the key and God is the difference. it’s only been very recently that i’ve been able to think about God as a father. that term never made a ton of sense to me, but i knew what it was trying to convey. it’s that God provides for us and takes care of us and watches out for us like a good father should. it’s in learning what a good father is really like and mentally preparing to become one myself some day that’s shown me the kind of father that God longs to be in our lives. a good father knows when their child is ready for certain challenges and how to equip them to overcome those challenges. a good father loves to freely give gifts to his children. maybe most importantly, a good father lets their children know that they are his beloved and can offer them an identity because of who he is. that’s what I want to be for my kids someday, and I’m learning more and more that I get to have my heavenly father be that for me.
so here it is, the first father’s day I get to really celebrate. not for myself, but for my real father. the father that my earthly one should have been modeling for me and introduced me to.
thank you, God, for being who you are and offering to me what no other person could. I’m immensely excited for what you’re showing me and challenging me to become. even more than that, God, I’m thankful that you’ve shown me that you love me as a true father loves his beloved son.


Written by matt

June 21, 2009 at 5:20 pm

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  1. Matthew, your blog is beautifully written and since I know the circumstances of your youth it brought tears to my eyes. You have grown immensly.
    God is a faithful Father who guides and directs us each day. I feel that God has truly bless you with a wonderful, sweet wife, and now is guiding all you do.

    God bless you…..We love you.


    June 21, 2009 at 5:50 pm

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