overcoming average(?)

because it’s something the world just needs less of

dec 22, 2010

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i’ve done way too much driving the past few days considering how bad these storms have been.  i drive a little scion xb with a grand total of 108hp and is very light weight.  wet roads have not been my friend.  

on monday, amanda and i drove from the band Christmas breakfast in pasadena all the way to loma linda for her to get some lab work done.  this was day one of the really heavy storms.  as we were on our way on the 10, a chrysler crossfire lost control and spun out while attempting to drive at least 65mph.  it started out in the lane to my right, started spinning, then fortunately made just wide enough of an arc to miss me and end up halfway into the left shoulder facing the other way.  there were no collisions, but it was way too close of a call.

last night i had a rehearsal in irvine, and the drive out wasn’t too bad.  i think i caught a small break in the rain.  on the way back, however, it was the absolute worst of the storm so far.  on top of the intensely heavy rain, was the high wind.  i made a surprisingly good decision though when i decided to bring my music gear back home with me instead of leaving it there.  that extra ~120 pounds in the back of my car probably gave me just enough traction to avoid slipping on the road more than i did.  it was actually so bad that most of the drive home i was only in third or fourth gear.

my nerves were shot last night.  and my wife isn’t faring much better because of her work.  i love the rain more than most, but i’m really looking forward to some clear skies the next couple days


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December 23, 2010 at 1:19 am

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