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dec 26, 2010

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for all I may or may not say about the issue, I actually do enjoy playing at churches. I enjoy it more when I’m playing with a band of people I don’t play with very much and in places I’m not used to. there’s a lot of different reasons for that which would make for a great post some other day, but I honestly enjoy it quite a bit when I just kind of get thrown into situations.
firstly, I enjoy the challenge. my band challenges me to be amazing at very specific things that are arguably the most important things. things like being one with the drummer and really feeling where the song wants to go and letting it happen. when I’m playing with people I don’t usually play with though, it becomes more of a challenge to lock in with a drummer. it’s also kind of a fun guessing game to see what happens within the song and if what I’m feeling is the same as what the other band members are feeling. also, no band plays and feels the way my band does, so it stretches me out of my genre to adapt to different kinds of music which is also fun.
the reason I enjoy this scenario with specifically churches is to see how different people who live in different places but believe the same thing respond to church music. it’s absolutely fascinating to see what kind of musical feel makes people commune a little bit closer to God. it’s mostly so fascinating because it’s so startlingly similar. that in itself makes me wonder two things: are the reactions so similar because of a potentially unhealthy “Christian sub-culture,” or do the words or melodies that inspire such reactions truly have a deeper connection/inspiration to the Holy Spirit?
like I said, fascinating. and the struggle is one of the more important parts of the journey.

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December 26, 2010 at 9:33 pm

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