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Just Two Quick Things

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1. You may have noticed that even though earlier in the year I made a little promise to try to write in this blog once a week, things just haven’t worked out that way. Part of that is because I started another blog that’s about the ins and outs of playing bass guitar in a church setting, and I’ve been spending some time over there. You can find that here if you’re so inclined. I’m hoping to just be able to have fun with that and talk about music in a way that I don’t really get to in this blog.

2. After reading “On Writing” by Stephen King, I’ve re-edited that short story I wrote a couple months ago. The story itself is still the same. The things I really paid attention to altering were more of the nuts and bolts of the writing. You know, things like continuity and flow and other intensely important things I wish I would have known BEFORE submitting it to a short story competition which I wasn’t selected for.

I just ended that sentence in a preposition.


Written by matt

February 27, 2011 at 2:22 am

Posted in writing

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