overcoming average(?)

because it’s something the world just needs less of

May 18, 2011 #everydaymay

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My wife loves that show “What Not To Wear.” It’s totally one of those reality shows that are made for women to enjoy. If you happen to have never heard of it, friends nominate their friends to receive makeovers from two fashion experts. The experts follow them around in secret, then surprise them with the news. The person brings their entire wardrobe for the experts to pick through and then gives them a staggering amount of money to go shopping with and completely redo their image. Most of the people who receive makeovers are women. Now, women usually have a much better sense at fashion then men, and the surprising thing for me was that most of the women who I’ve seen on that show know that they are unfashionable.

My wife was watching that show when I woke up this morning and the girl getting the makeover this episode was no different than most of them. This girl was no different in that she wasn’t some horrible twisted perversion of a human, but she thought she was. Every time I’ve seen that show, they ask why these people choose to wear the things they wear. No one ever says, “Because it makes me look great.” They always say things like, “Because it’s comfortable,” or, “Because it hides [this part] of me that I don’t like.” It struck me then that this show and those fashion expert/coaches probably have no idea how spiritually deep this show really is. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone on that show who thought they deserved to be attractive. I’m not a woman, but I do understand that the feminine heart has a need to offer its beauty, and one of the biggest lies that gets told to every woman is that they aren’t beautiful. The women who go on this show get to hear, maybe for the first time, that they have a right to feel and look attractive. They get to shut out a lie and hear the truth, and isn’t that what God wants for all of us?


Written by matt

May 18, 2011 at 2:02 pm

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  1. You have a wife that is beautiful inside and out. You are blessed, Matt.


    May 18, 2011 at 3:00 pm

  2. I have always hated this show, and I have no idea why my friends enjoy it. I feel sad when these women realize that every compliment their friends have ever given them regarding their appearance was a lie, and that they are being revealed as fashion-failures on television, in a public and insulting way. I’d never do that to someone I cared about, or even disliked, regardless of how much leopard print they owned. If my gal pal wants to wear red shoes with her green sweat pants, I don’t care. Rather than tell her she has “the right to be attractive”, and should conform to a fashion trend in order to be so, I’d want to just let her know God doesn’t care whether her clothes match, and neither do I.

    Wow, word vomit. Sorry. I just hate that show so much. Blargh.


    May 20, 2011 at 3:43 pm

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