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May 26, 2011 #everydaymay

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Another guy whose name is Sean and who is also doing the everydaymay blog thing (started it, too, I think) got in a pretty big off roading accident last weekend and has written about it since it happened. His blog for today was about the unexpected things that just suck when you’re healing from an accident like that. It’s the little things like getting goosebumps or hiccups that end up being the worst thing ever.

While reading his post tonight I thought to myself, “Funny how much of the healing process is so painful.” What’s also funny to me is that that sentence makes more sense to me in a spiritual/emotional context than a physical one. Ask anyone who’s dealt with or is dealing with their issues and they’ll tell you that healing is one of the most painful things they’ve ever done. And just like how Sean posted tonight that it was the unexpected little things that are surprisingly painful, that’s how it is when you’re dealing with your own hurts. It’s always the little things that you just come across that make old hurts or memories come jumping back for your full attention, and all because you had the courage to acknowledge it was there to begin with.

Healing is painful, but I can promise that if you asked those same people they would tell you that the pain of healing is more than worth it. The intense amount of freedom from that hurt is completely the worth pain it takes to get there. Afterwards, you know you’ve survived it. You know how that hurt effected you and why you react the way you do. Most importantly though (for me anyway), you can better identify a lie when you hear it and then replace it with the truth.


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May 27, 2011 at 12:58 am

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