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nov 11, 2011 #novemberblogfest

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Yay for a sequence of numbers that only exists because of an arbitrary start date! In all seriousness though, it does only happen once every hundred years, which is pretty cool.

I was mentally searching for topics today and something that occurred to me was that of all the events over the past year or so and realized that of everything that’s happened, what I haven’t really shared much about is the trip to Europe that Amanda and I took last year. So here’s a few little stories.

Our first night in Paris we went to the general area surrounding Notre Dame to look for a place to eat dinner. While wandering about we stopped a couple to ask them if they knew a good place to eat. We asked them first in our limited French if they spoke English. The guy replied in that delightful accent, “Actually, we are English!” I said back to him, “Oh, you speak real English,” then as I waved dismissively towards my own mouth, “not, you know, whatever this is.” They instantly loved me.

That same night we ended up in a restaurant sitting next to a couple that were probably in their sixties. Over the course of dinner we began to have little casual conversations with the lady because her husband didn’t speak English. They were actually Danish and came to Paris periodically simply because they could. They got dessert while we were having dinner, which was great because we had something to look forward to. While they were eating dessert the guy was very audibly impressed with what he was having and would periodically let out with a very deep voiced, but somehow still childlike, “Mmmmmmmmm, MMMMMMMmmmmm!” My wife thought was the cutest thing ever. She loved that so much that she had to order what he was having. To this day though, she will constantly refer to the Danish couple as “that older Swedish couple.” (Side note: the dessert being fawned over by young and old alike in that story was prunes that had been reconstituted in some kind of amazing sweet sauce and served with an anise ice cream. It really was quite tasty.)

Last story for tonight. We spent six days in Italy, four of them in Rome. If you’ve ever been to a third world country, then you’ll have a pretty good picture of what it’s like to walk across the street in an Italian city. After spending six days in that, we went to Germany. Our first day in Germany was in a city called Dresden. As we were walking back to our hotel from our day in town we went to cross a street that was devoid of any cars. There was a couple of people on the other side getting ready to cross the other way, but no one was moving yet because the little signal still said “don’t walk.” Us, having just come from Italy, just went ahead and walked across. We got to the other side and the other people (who we deduced from hearing them speak were German) were still there waiting for the light to change. As we continued walking we started to joke with each other that we had committed some huge faux pas in German street etiquette. Thus began our ongoing inside joke that whenever one of us does something just slightly… uncouth, we’ll say, “What am I, Italian?”

(Disclaimer: that’s in no way a slight to the wonderful Italian people. :))


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November 11, 2011 at 11:38 pm

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  1. all of that is pretty much adorable


    November 12, 2011 at 11:47 am

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