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nov 14, 2011 #novemberblogfest

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I mentioned the other day about how I listen to music and how it rarely involves me listening to lyrics. I talked about how I think that puts me in the minority and how I’m really ok with that. One of the reasons I like that is one I didn’t mention in that earlier post and is by far the more spiritual aspect.

Typically when people listen to music in church, the lyrics are (and I’m just guessing here) 98% of the focus. As a side note, I have a theory that this may be the reason for people apparently not caring about a bad sounding band or sound mix as long as they can sing along to it. Anyway, the music itself tends to get overlooked as long as it’s not unexpected. As far as songs are concerned we tend to separate them into music and lyrics, and that’s essentially what every song can be dissected down to. What makes me ok with rarely paying attention to lyrics is that God didn’t call us to worship in music and in lyrics, he called us to worship in spirit and in truth.

I like that. I’m not very good with words, but I am with music. Spirit and truth aren’t encumbered by things like language or even the limited scope of human thought. Spirit runs deeper than emotions and Truth transcends what’s right in front of us. I like that God doesn’t want us to reach out to him in some specific method, like strictly singing or dancing, because I can’t do either one of those things very well. I like that God is more universal than that because if He wasn’t, someone would get left out.


Written by matt

November 15, 2011 at 3:13 am

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