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May 9, 2012 #everydaymay

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Other than elaborating my own personal views on gay marriage (it’s probably not what you think it is) in light of today’s big news story, I seem to “topically insufficient” for tonight’s post. Hey, there’s an idea. I could explain why I won’t share my view on a controversial topic in a blog post.

The first big reason is that I’ve done it before. It was a different topic that’s probably less controversial than this one, but the reactions were a little more than I could take at the time. I ended up seeing people in a completely different light and I’m sure that’s true the other way around as well. It may have cost me relationships, or at least closeness in those relationships.

The second reason is because I’m simply not that good a writer. It’s a seriously complex issue with many cultural and religious implications and there’s no way I’m enough of a brilliant mind or theologian to write the final word on the subject, let alone fully articulate my own thoughts on the matter.

The last reason is that I don’t feel like there’s a way to espouse any view on it in a way that really shows love to the other party.


Written by matt

May 9, 2012 at 10:17 pm

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