overcoming average(?)

because it’s something the world just needs less of

May 25, 2012 #everydaymay

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Now for a story from Europe.

This is Rita.

She is in the middle of emphatically telling me something while Amanda sneaks a picture of her. We met her in one of the little cafés in the Louvre in Paris. It was fairly crowded and seating was limited. Amanda and I happened to sit down at the table next to her. Our plan was for Amanda to hold the table for us while I ordered us lunch. Rita is a smart gal who noticed what we were doing and decided to ask Amanda if I wouldn’t mind ordering something for her so she didn’t have to lose her table either. While I was away ordering everyone’s food Rita asked Amanda the usual “you’re obviously tourists” questions that locals have been asking since tourism became a thing. It was funny in Paris, because everyone we met (who were all amazingly friendly, by the way) was at first surprised, then impressed, then just sort of charmed that a young American couple would choose to see Paris instead of every other option available to us. Same with Rita. She really liked who Amanda was and that she’s a nurse, and she loved that I was musician. Rita loved the arts and was very knowledgeable about them. She loved talking art and hearing how I saw music. She was almost appalled that I had never heard of a particular artist who was also a musician. We ended up talking kind of a while and decided that coffee was an appropriate way to end our lunch. While I again went to order for all of us, Rita had a thing or two to say to Amanda. The most important thing was when Rita told her, “He could be great, but you…you have to PUSH him.”

That stuck with me. Mostly because it’s 100% true. There’s very few times where a person you meet one time can see straight into you and then speak truth into your life. Rita was one of those people for me. She saw my love of music and knew that I could potentially not become what I could be because I wouldn’t work as hard as possible. And I need Amanda. And she does push me.


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May 26, 2012 at 12:09 am

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  1. I just finally got to read this babe. Rita was such a divine meeting. I also remember her saying to me while you were ordering, “What happened to his father? Something happened with his father didn’t it?” She could see straight into you. She also said, “He’s very kind to women. He is good to them.” Which is mostly true. 😉


    June 11, 2012 at 9:52 pm

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