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Riverside to Austin, 9 Hours In

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So if it was almost 4am and you’re sitting in the passenger seat of a Dodge Challenger with your Chuck Taylors propped up on the dashboard, what would you write about? Would it be about the relative absurdity of the situation you ended up in? Would it be about getting to see almost every star in the sky above the void surrounding you on either side of your designated ribbon of highway? Would you reflect on the plasticity of time now that it’s actually 5am after crossing the New Mexico border?

Maybe you’d just do like me and ask a bunch of rhetorical questions that are just barely on this side of nonsense.


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March 17, 2011 at 2:51 am

i’ve figured out a couple things

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nothing very important, but i feel i should share and it’s going to take more than 140 characters.

1. if you think of lady gaga as a performance artist working in the music medium and NOT as a musical arist, it’ll make you less angry about how she could possibly be famous. for example, listening to “bad romance” as a song can make one’s ears bleed. but, if you look at the big picture of what she’s doing as some sort of subversive critique of the music industry and the idea of fame what she’s doing is downright genius.

2. yes, covering the new iphone’s antenna makes it lose reception. also, covering the camera makes it unable to take pictures, and covering the screen renders the retina display useless. i haven’t dropped a call in the week i’ve owned it. that number is way down from 7+ a day.

3. a day after the new twilight movie opened, “deathly hallows” is the top trending topic on twitter and neither “twilight” nor “eclipse” is on the list. there’s a couple reasons for this, but i think i know what the biggest one is. the twilight series is very literally a fad. the harry potter series has been around since most of the current audience for it was in grade school.

4. soccer will never catch on in the u.s. because of the game clock. if you don’t know how long a regulation FIFA game is to begin with, it’s an unspecified time commitment. most americans just can’t do it. if you don’t know, the game is supposed to last 90 minutes, but the clock doesn’t count down in game segments. so you can be halfway into the second half and watch the clock go from 70 minutes to 71 minutes and then be wondering when exactly this game will be over. that’s without bringing into account the whole “injury time” thing which is a separate monster

Written by matt

June 30, 2010 at 11:09 pm

a belated halloween story

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i know it’s a little late and all, but this is one of those childhood stories that kinda comes back to you about 20 years later and then suddenly a lot of your life makes more sense. just felt like i should share it is all.

growing up, i never got into halloween stuff all that much. i only went trick or treating a few times that i can remember and the rest of the time i was passing out candy. me and my mom would usually hang out at home and just watch tv. this was back before every church had their “safe not-halloween but you can still dress up” activity. i didn’t really even get into the candy thing very much, because i was never a huge chocolate or candy corn person. by the early teenage years, i was totally over the dressing up thing and just barely starting to show interest in scary movies. in the past couple years, i’ve started to really enjoy some of the halloween type things like scary movies and the creativity of certain kinds of costumes. i’m especially fond of zombie movies, and not just because of the obvious social commentaries the better ones offer. (deep down, i think every guy is anxiously awaiting the day when the undead rise with a taste for human flesh and we get to use that double-barreled shotgun for its true purpose.) but considering the kind of things i enjoy now, i was thinking back and trying to remember why i never got into halloween when i was younger. i remember now.

when i was 5 or 6 years old, i remember that i was very excited to dress up for halloween. my mom asked me what i wanted to be, and i told her very matter of factly, “i wanna be dracula!” she didn’t seem very enthused about that idea, but she didn’t give me an outright “no” either. i think that got my hopes up. it was gonna be great, i was going to go around scaring people and be downright horrifying. i was going to just as scary as nosferatu himself. i was in kindergarten though. like it or not, my mom was the one who would be paying for the costume, so she got the final verdict on what i was going to dress up as. below is a picture that is, to the best of my memory, almost identical to what i wore on halloween that year. enjoy.


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November 4, 2009 at 3:47 pm

christmas time is here

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i’ve discovered that i still hate (almost all) christmas music. the good news is that i’m pretty sure i know why now. there is no winter wonderland, i really wouldn’t know how fun it is or isn’t to ride in a one horse open sleigh, no one i know is roasting chestnuts, santa claus is not coming to town, very few people ever have a white christmas, and baby, it’s not cold outside. and really, it’s not like too many christmas songs are actually that good from a music/songwriting standpoint. you can try to defend that all you want, but you know i’m right. and this dreck is what i have to hear in the mall every day. i do have a theory about whoever makes the playlists though. i like to think that that person feels the same way i do and tries to sneak in a few awesome songs just to spite their elderly boss. so in the spirit of christmas cheer and whatnot, here’s my list of awesome christmas music, the 3-minute glimmers of hope that get me through the day.

-the entire soundtrack for “a charlie brown christmas”
-the “songs for christmas” compilation by sufjan stevens
-various artists: “maybe this christmas”
-the smashing pumpkins: “christmastime”
-jimmy eat world: “last christmas”
-the carpenters: “merry christmas darling”
-john lennon: “happy xmas (war is over)”
-the beach boys: “little saint nick”
-dave matthews and tim reynolds: “christmas song”

there’s a few more that i can think of, but they’re mostly covers of those same songs i just listed. what are your favorite more overlooked christmas songs?

(p.s. my other christmas themed blog is right here)

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December 11, 2008 at 12:59 am

i miss my beard

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well, here it is for anyone that may have missed it when i put it up on facebook. i shaved sunday night. first, here’s a picture of me right before i shaved. because the results of the poll in the last post were tied at 50% each, i decided to just let it grow til it had to go. here’s how full it ended up until that night.

lovely, isn’t it. now, here’s halfway through the trimming process. i started to lose my mind a bit.

utter hilarity indeed. and now, for the grand finale. here it is folks. what no one has seen for over six years. i hope you enjoy it, cause right now i am not. sigh.

once again, sigh. i hope those heartless monsters i work for are happy

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November 18, 2008 at 5:09 pm

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i haven’t written anything in here for a while. for one, i’m starting to try to communicate more to people in person as opposed to hoping they might have read this recently. also, as a followup to my last post in here, i’m starting to take better care of myself. i’m getting a fresh start, a renewed sense of myself. updates to come.

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September 29, 2008 at 1:12 am

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a new me…again….

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i know it’s been happening at a relatively alarming rate, but my look has undergone another slighty significant change. i got my hair cut today. for those in the know, i’ve had my hair long for the past five or so years. and if you’ve seen my myspace at all, you may have seen a picture of me from my senior year in high school where my hair was short and i had no beard. the new hair is a pretty big departure from both of those past looks. so here’s a quick shot of my new hairs. amanda got hers done too and we’l get better pictures of those soon. let me know what you think


current jam: “who puts rock and roll in your blood” by the elms

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July 10, 2007 at 11:09 pm